Thursday, May 17, 2018


GENERATION was a 1965 Broadway Comedy that starred Henry Fonda as a father trying to come to grips with his pregnant daughter who is living in Greenwich Village with her nonconformist photograper husband. 

The author was William Goodhart. This was his only play. He who would later pen the screenplay for Exorcist II, The Heritic. 

The play received overall lukewarm reviews from NY drama critics, but became popular with older theatre-going audiences who felt they were able to relate to the subject matter, and wanted to see Henry Fonda live on stage. It ran on Broadway for close to a year.

Touring companies revived the play a number of times during the sixties and early seventies with various aging actors in the lead role, and it was adapted and updated into a 1969 film starring David Janssen as the father, with Kim Darby and Carl Reiner. 
                                                                       Thanks to John Wendler

Henry Fonda...

Don Porter...

Robert Young...

Hans Conried...

Robert Cummings...

James Whitmore

Don DeFore

Henry Morgan

Gavin MaCleod

David Janssen...

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Gale Gordon, Live on Stage...

Appearing in...

The Man Who Came To Dinner...


Damn Yankees


Take Me Along

The Merry Widow

The White Sheep of the Family

No, No Nanette...

Love & Kisses


Norman Is That You?...

Never Too Late...

The Sunshine Boys...

On Golden Pond

Love Letters

Special Thanks To John Wendler

Friday, April 27, 2018

together chewing gum

In the mid-seventies,  attempting to reach an older demographic, Topps chewing gum created "together" chewing gum, targeting young, me-generation couples on the go. Clearly someone at Topps had a hunch that a "tingling" cinnamon chewing gum would be just the aphrodisiac young couples desired. The product was tested but ultimately not released.

Several designs were created, here ar two from my collection:

together in a wheat field
together romping on the beach
back of together

Thanks to Mark Newgarden

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Book of WEIRDO Cover

The Book of WEIRDO is a massive, upcoming retrospective edited by Jon B. Cooke, paying tribute to R. Crumb's legendary comics and graphics magazine from the 1980's and early 90's. Crumb was WEIRDO"s first editor, followed by Peter Bagge and finally Aline Kominsky-Crumb. R. Crumb created each one of WEIRDO's 28 covers.  Some of my earliest comic strip work appeared in the early issues of WEIRDO.

I created the cover art and border to the upcoming book, and the logo and lettering was lovingly rendered by David Coulson. The Book of WEIRDO will contain extensive interviews and tributes to the magazine with many of the magazines original contributers and it's admirers, and much, much more. EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about WEIRDO!

The book will be published by Last Gasp books in late 2018.

the cover (click to enlarge)

key to who's who in the border

my initial cover sketch

the finished art