Friday, February 3, 2017

Drew Friedman's Chosen People

This is the cover to my next book due out this coming fall from Fantagraphics Books, a collection of my more recent portraits and drawings of musicians, artists, writers, comedians, politicians, my neighbors, deli owners, etc, and featuring the great Muddy Waters front and center. The cover, designed by Jesse Marinoff Reyes, is the preliminary version:


  1. hi sorry not sure where to put this. Are you still interested in learning more about Jackie Miles? i am a cousin, i don't know much but could put you in contact with relatives who probably know more. If you want please let me know where i could email you. Came here via google search after watching part of the new cnn series. anyway let me know if you are interested and otherwise best wishes

  2. Thanks for your note. I dew Jackie Miles for my first "Old Jewish Comedians" book a decade ago, and the book was dedicated to him because he had been my dad's favorite comedian when he was young, but I'm not doing any more research on him so I currently have no reason to touch base with his relatives. Thanks for the offer though.